New mom, Amy, is not only new to the suburban life, having left her high powered job in the city to focus her attention on raising her daughter, she’s also new to the mommy politics that come with it.
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Produced: 2012 By: Vuguru


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Moving to Suburbia
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  • Moving to Suburbia Moving to Suburbia New mom Amy has left her high-powered job in the city to focus her attention on raising her daughters and suburban life.
  • Amy Meets Grace Amy Meets Grace Amy, the welcoming committee chair, meets Grace, who just moved into the neighborhood.
  • Suburban Yoga Suburban Yoga Amy and Grace attend a unique yoga class with many distractions.
  • Park Time Park Time Amy enjoys quality time with her daughters at the park.
  • Spousal Stresses Spousal Stresses Amy attempts to give husband Greg a massage…but he falls asleep.
  • A Growing Friendship A Growing Friendship Grace confides in Amy about her marital troubles.
  • Entertaining Kids Entertaining Kids Amy finds creative ways to keep her daughters entertained.
  • Missing Grace Missing Grace Amy confronts Grace to find out why she’s avoiding her.
  • Neighborly Stalking Neighborly Stalking Amy reaches her breaking point with Grace as she continuously avoids her calls. Her obsession with tracking Grace down begins to take a toll on her marriage.
  • The Missing Doll The Missing Doll The fundraising committee reveals that Grace accused Amy of stealing a doll from the basket she and Ben donated.
  • Confronted at School Confronted at School Amy attends what she believes is a parent teacher conference, only to find out that it is actually a meeting to formally kick her and her daughters out of the school.
  • Stealth Attack Stealth Attack Amy breaks into Grace’s house, and is immediately attacked.
  • Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts Amy uses her time in treatment to make gifts for her daughters.
  • Making Amends Making Amends Amy is in her last day of treatment at the mental hospital and Grace shows up as her only visitor.

Moving to Suburbia

New mom Amy has left her high-powered job in the city to focus her attention on raising her daughters and suburban life.

Stephanie Lemelin

Stephanie Lemelin

Stephanie Lemelin is a versatile actress appearing in both TV and film, comedies and dramas, and lending her unique voice to many cartoons, movies, video games, and commercials. She is also an accomplished writer, having penned several movies (she also helped to produce) with the company In Motion Pictures.
Stephanie began acting professionally immediately after moving to L.A. post graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. She acquired a BA in Communications with a minor in English. During her junior year, she spent a year abroad at UNSW (Sydney, Australia), interning for Network 9 as a production assistant.
Born in southern New Jersey to a mom from Philly and a dad from Quebec, Stephanie grew up outside of Philadelphia until she was 10. In the winters, her family (including brother Brian) lived wherever her Dad was playing hockey, which included: Atlanta, Georgia; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Boston, Massachusetts. She credits these moves as her first experiences in acting, learning to blend in different towns and cities at a young age.
As of 2012, Stephanie had been cast in 13 consecutive TV pilots, several of which went to series. Stephanie has also guest-starred in many network shows, with comedic and dramatic roles on Bones(Fox), Brothers and Sisters (ABC), The League (FX), The Closer (TNT), Melissa & Joey (ABC Family), CSI: Las Vegas (CBS), Malcolm in the Middle (Fox), Rules of Engagement (CBS), Run of the House (WB), Out of Practice (CBS), The Mullets (UPN). Her network television debut was on the critically acclaimed but short-lived Fox show, Undeclared, in which she was cast after just one month of moving to LA.

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