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A Foodie Vacation in Affordable Canada
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Created by three-time Emmy award-winning national TV Host & Correspondent, Karen Schaler, the Travel Therapy TV series features the most inspiring, empowering and authentic trips to take based on what you're going through in life. Stressed out? Going through a breakup? Need to re-invent yourself? Travel Therapy can help you find your way featuring top destinations, hotels, resorts, spas, culinary treasures and travel adventures from around the world. From whitewater rafting in Bali, chasing icebergs in Newfoundland, sailing the British Virgin Islands, hiking and skiing in Switzerland, hot air ballooning in Turkey, cooking classes in Thailand, horseback riding in New Zealand, cave tubing in Belize, dog sledding and ice hiking in the Canadian Rockies, surfing in Hawaii, skiing in Austria, rappelling in Puerto Rico, snorkeling in Australia, and biking in Denmark, Karen has the inside track on the best Travel Therapy destinations along with valuable money saving travel tips.